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you know him, the too chill, he too real, oh you don’t say, you do play, you 2k, I don’t play, I AK nigga, like hold up just pour up, i don’t drink but I throw up these gang sign

"Connect" freestyle

fell off but I grew up, fell out of love but i know now, know enough and you grew too if we tried again we would slow down, we full throttled this full bottle that poured out and o wow, look at us now, is it time now? admit girl, i know you remember, October and that fall weather, hot shit for the winter time by time summer’s here I’m cold as ever, know you good for a missed call, you didn’t call back, all these missed calls in my call log from you girl, i couldn’t call that, didn’t know it was this bad, seeing that you’re doing this good, figured that you couldn’t do wrong,
knowing whats right, only you would, 
we would talk often, fuck even more, wouldn’t talk luck cause that’s either or
either love or lust not fully sure, and knowing your heart not fully yours is, only something you can handle, we waging war for so long we don’t know who win this battles,

Tears on the dance floor

I dedicate tonight to saying no more and letting go,

I put my pride aside left that at the front door

it’s a been long night tell me what you came for,

leave your heart at home, there’s no tears on the dance floor

roof top 1000 miles per hour

got me speeding, there’s no way around her

no mishap, there’s no way you can miss it

by the way, her cruise control is ballistic

lights glare, the night’s here, the stars shine, the fog clears

smiles form, sweat drips, in her short dress and her thick hips

and those cares of her, should have left at home

when her song comes on, watch her let’em go

watch her lose herself, as she finds the beat

I can feel her soul as she feels on me

back and forth as she goes you can’t stop it

back and forth as she goes it’s hypnotic

if she could leave it all for one moment


Away From Home

feeling comes quickly, I can’t leave it alone

heard knocking at my door, but I’m away from home

it’s been this way for days, but I’ve been counting years

no time to count them fall, all her drowning tears

it’s like she know no one’s here, and yet she still hangs on

it’s just that same old record but she loves this song

she give her all to nothing, said i don’t know nothing else

she know there’s no way to enter, but she doesn’t want

stars often lie to her, misdirection is what occurs

she just rip out every page, she doesn’t understand the words

from the night it went black, I felt my soul in my hand, So it started from the hate and turned this boy into the man, collision with visions, I vision you won’t understand, it’s just our difference in distance in which gives us the upper hand. From a lack of concern, to you just lacking coherence, from aiming down though the scope down to a near death experience, See you don’t gotta get it, just as long as your hear it, I mean if you don’t wanna love I guess you just gotta fear it, just know their feelings inferior, no feelings involved when I’m feeling it, they say I fell from the sky, I said you just gotta feel it, no right or wrong in this spectrum, you do you’re best, I do better, you let down for the better, it’s best for me to not let up

Dom DeLorean SoHiPhi, they always asking us how?, just know that it’s Nova Green, ain’t no use in asking us now

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